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151913a_1_searchThis classy Joseph Ribkoff piece doubles as a dress or a tunic, making it great for a night out or for cuddling up on the couch. The stripes and lack of zippers or lining create a comfortable choice that accentuates the body in all the right ways. With its laid-back elegance and eye-catching style, it’ll make any night special.


joseph_ribkoff_151000_ladies_dress_11_black_styleThis stylish dress from Joseph Ribkoff is perfect for any event or even just a night out. It has a lovely collar above the V-neck and folds so that it seems to be wrapped around the body and clipped to the side. It’s a flattering fit with a subtle zipper along the back and is not lined. This classy piece will bring a tinge of elegance to your night.

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Essential Oils

The Guide to Knowing and Understanding Essential Oils

You may have heard people talking about essential oils and aromatherapy, but what exactly does it all mean? The resurgence in essential oil use has come about from a recent increase in the popularity of holistic health and wellness. Essential oils are nonwater-based phytochemicals made up of the aromatic compounds found in various plant parts (seeds, bark, roots, leaves, etc.). Valued for bringing about a balance of mind, body, and spirit, people used them throughout history for their therapeutic and medicinal perks.

The Egyptians were among the first to use essential oils for medical purposes, beauty treatment, preparing food, and religious reasons. Soon after, the Greeks used aromatic oils for massage therapy and aromatherapy while the Romans, Chinese, and Indian Ayurvedics used them for health and hygienic purposes. The Persians created distillation methods to extract the essential oils from certain plants to use them for anti-bacterial and fragrance purposes. This development led to essential oils being utilized across Europe. In 1937, French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse rediscovered essential oil use by treating a burned hand with lavender oils. Another French contemporary, Dr. Jean Valnet, used aromatherapy to heal injured soldiers from World War II and went on to become a world leader in aromatic practice. Today doctors continue to research and further develop essential oils.

The Science behind Certain Essential Oils

Essential oil use can help with an array of medical issues. Many people use oils to assist with cancer treatment and relieve the stress and anxiety associated with chemotherapy, others use them to cure acne and skin conditions, and some use aromatic inhalers to relieve sinus headaches. Lavender is beneficial when treating restlessness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, minor aches and pains, and hair loss due to its main ingredient being linalyl acetate. You can use peppermint oils for a variety of digestive issues, treating the common cold and its array of symptoms, menstrual issues, and body pains in general. Lemon eucalyptus (OLE) is found in many bug sprays due to its importance when repelling insects. Using the pure oil has not been tested enough, however, and it is advisable to use a carrier oil. Frankincense, when steam distilled, can relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial product due to its monoterpenes, alcohols, esters, and sesquiterpenes.

There are various combinations of steam and water distillation methods to extract oils by using solvents or trying to adulterate them beforehand. Boiling water and steam pass through the plants and separate the oils. Expression (cold pressing) can be done to extract citrus essential oils as well. Original techniques involved using a sponge to press the essential oils from the citrus rinds, however, modern methods call for prodding the fruit peels in a spiked container so that they release the oils. Some distilled citrus oils will deteriorate quicker and are more unstable.

Deciding if Aromatherapy is for You

There are various ways to practice aromatherapy, but always follow the application instructions. You can directly or indirectly inhale, use in massage therapy, or apply certain oils to the skin with lotion, bath salts, and other skincare products. It is wise to mix oils with a carrier oil or cream before applying them to your skin. There is also a chance of an allergic reaction or a reaction in the sun with certain oils and depending on how your body handles them.

Take extra care to read the instructions and check for interactions with other drugs, especially when you are pregnant and when using oils for children. We do not have enough evidence proving that essential oils are safe to use while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Baby and pregnancy products, which contain oils, are considered safe if you use it as directed.

Only pure essential oils made up of highly concentrated plant extracts should be used. Avoid those handled improperly or adulterated that have chemicals in them. Keep in mind that those listed as ”fragrance oil” or “perfume oil” are often not pure. Since there is no governmental regulating body, “therapeutic/aromatherapy grade” oils are also not advised for use either. Products packaged with plastic or rubber will deteriorate quicker and are at risk of being affected by the outside chemicals. The shelf lives of oils vary depending on outside circumstances and are unpredictable. Temperature, air, and sunlight can affect the oils. Therefore, it is best to store them in an area where the temperature doesn’t often change and they are away from direct sunlight.

Refer to your doctor before replacing any medical treatments with complementary therapies. Do adequate research before trying a specific oil to see if/what the risks are with that particular product, and you’ll be on your way to starting your aromatic journey!

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Review of Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”

Jack Canfield has created the perfect self-help book for recognizing ambitions and boosting confidence, giving an overall increase in enthusiasm for life on a daily basis. Canfield isn’t sharing anything readers don’t already know or that hasn’t been seen in other self-help books before—and that’s possibly what makes “The Success Principles” so great. He instead provides readers with a new perspective using optimism and success stories from CEOs, celebrities, and everyday people. By applying the 64 principles that Canfield supplies in his book every day, readers will feel reinvigorated about life with the added bonus of being able to set goals and reach them within a realistic time frame. Well known for his contribution as a co-creator for the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, these principles are the ones that Canfield himself has lived and flourished by for the past 30 years. With enough drive and motivation, these principles will help transform any motivated reader’s life and give them the successful results they’ve been searching for!

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4 Seasons Yarn
Noro Yarn AustraliaBuy Noro Yarn Australia
Buy Noro Yarn Online

Australia’s 4 Seasons Yarn Makes it Quick and Easy to Buy Noro Yarn Online

Finding high-quality yarn made with natural fibres is easily done through Australia’s 4 Seasons Yarn’s website. Carrying well-known brands such as Debbie Bliss, Koigu, Knitpro, Lana Gatto, and Malabrigo as well as a wide selection of knitting accessories and various needles, 4 Seasons Yarn is the top choice for many knitters. On top of all this, the site also features the option to buy Noro Yarn from Australia, which is a name well known by many across the world. They offer many of the most popular yarns and colour patterns from Noro. 4 Seasons Yarn leaves their customers satisfied by providing the highest quality yarns from the most revered names in the business, putting an emphasis on their selection of products made with natural materials.

The Search for Incomparably Beautiful Yarn Stops with Noro Yarn

Eisaku Noro is the artisan behind the transfixing coloured and textured yarns that make up Eisaku Noro Yarns. From the Aichi province in Japan, Noro uses the highest quality natural fibres and meets particular ecological requirements with each available product. The fact that Noro had an artistic upbringing and was at one point a painter is no surprise when one looks at the variety of colours available with his yarns. Noro puts a lot of importance behind limiting the use of chemicals in his yarns to the most minimal degree possible and also lays significance behind working by hand to preserve the fibre’s natural characteristics. This ultimately leads to a product that 4 Seasons Yarn is proud to sell. Through 4 Seasons Yarn, one can buy many popular Noro Yarn products such as the Mossa (which is available in 8 patterns), the Silk Garden (which is available in 14 patterns), and the Silk Garden Sock (which is available in 14 patterns). Many big name fashion designers around the world choose Noro Yarn for their pieces due to the natural approach in its production and the high-quality end results.

Australia’s 4 Seasons Yarn Website Makes its Simple and Quick to Buy Noro Yarn Online

4 Seasons Yarn is the best place online to get Noro Yarn from Australia since they hold a large variety of the yarns with many colours to choose from. There is also an added bonus because as the site continues to expand, pre-made Noro scarves, shawls, and hats will be available to buy through the website. This option is perfect for any fans of the product that don’t have the time to commit to knitting yet want the chance to own a Noro Yarn classic. After choosing from the type of yarn and the many different colour patterns, one simply has to fill out their shipping and billing information accordingly to add Noro to their collection. Purchasing high-quality, natural yarn has never been so easy, and customers can rest assured by the glowing reputation of 4 Seasons Yarn.