“Nicole Ortiz is always sharp and punctual with her copy work. Her wit and clarity allows her to create on point work that communicates seamlessly with clientele. Nicole’s work has created a more receptive, clear space for clients to know exactly what we do and how.” – Evan Cohen, Director and Cinematographer of Evan Cohen Film
“I asked Nicole to write a slogan for a publicity poster for a sexual assault program. It was impressive to see how quickly her mind works! Within one minute of seeing the title she came up with the perfect tag line. It was remarkable! She possesses a keen sense of awareness and ability to express the spoken word. I highly recommend her services.” – Elaine Pasqua, National Speaker
“Nicole is as courteous, professional, and prompt as you could possibly ask for. She’s a joy to work with, and most importantly, she’s passionate about what she does.” – James Moore, CEO of Independent Music Promotions
“Nicole is a hard worker, always meeting required deadlines, and continuously goes above and beyond in her work. She has singlehandedly increased the traffic on our social media pages, and writes copy that is accessible by fans as well as interesting. Working with Nicole has been a pleasure, and I look forward to working with her more in the future.” – Brady Uselman, The Website Architects
“Nicole is a conscientious employee. She is punctual, reliable, responsible, careful, works well independently and with others. She is compassionate, quiet, and very respectful of her colleagues. Nicole is acceptant to direction and learning new ways of fulfilling her obligations. She has been of great assistance to us and a pleasure to have her on our staff. Nicole will be a great asset to any organization for which she will be working.” – Lori Fuller, Editor-in-Chief of Global Academic Publishing
“Nicole took out a good chunk of the homepage and About Me wording, but it doesn’t feel like anything is missing. She really condensed everything and sweetened it up! Thanks again for the help, a real win win.” – Caleb Schepart, Founder of nyKalimba.com
“Nicole’s skills as a copywriter helped me to make the finishing touches necessary for me to finally launch my site. She was able to help me articulate myself more clearly than I was able to do on my own. I am truly grateful for her positive attitude, and am confident in her spectacular talent.” – Ally Harrison, Yoga Instructor and Photographer
“Nicole is an extremely talented writer, copywriter, and person. She is able to succinctly capture what it is a business/show/talent does and bring it to life with her words. Nicole is a wordsmith…using her tools to bring you some intrigued buyers/viewers. I can’t recommend her enough!” – Cristina Pappadake, Founder of Broadcast Show “Girls Eye View”